Of Sorrow and of Light - Victor Grant

Victor Grant
Victor Grant
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Of Sorrow and of Light

— Sifting in the darkened hours
Through the works of Sorrow and of Light
Glistening with moon-drenched flowers
Of fainter singing stems and brimming throats
With the vivaciousness of a pen in the lonely night
And the soft magnetic wonder of poetry and many dots
Sighs still whispering in the stillness of sight
Faint and fading softly, inessentially brought up to convene
The beauty - a dampened flight tomorrow may aspire to subtly
With the sun of the pen's tip and the moon by the end of a dream
Ink-strewn and vivid and grasping... Fading now thin and too thin to redeem
Moon shadows wilting abruptly by Light and by Sorrow... Unrecalling old things
I pass through the lines and old whispers come by me
Strewn with the dusk of damsels and corners and shadows of gaudier sights
And I blink and remember the times, aloof and longing for thee
The love of the gaudy night... I passed and saw the familiar faces
Serene and candid and inky blue
I remembered those sorrowful traces and returned
To the books I have read, the paler nights, the streets - silent and undisturbed
And the damsels, lingering softly and gazing through
Traces of memories faded
I venture by a diamondlike hue
Fainter my dreams and the lines caressingly fainting
O Author! I feel I have been there with you.
© Victor Grant.
All Rights Reserved.
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