A Sound from Above - Victor Grant

Victor Grant
Victor Grant
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A Sound from Above
‘A Sound from Above’ is a poetry collection composed of beautiful and illuminating pieces. It stretches forth through different topics and lithe and rhythmic modes of expression. While reading you become immersed in blithesome worlds by the softened portrayal of musical words and the unceasing motion of the rhythm.

Love and pathos, wonderous and evanescent dreamy adventures in the night, differing and immersive scenarios, make the breath quiver and partake of the sound and glory of beauty and its undefined definitions. The poignant beauty of the pieces portrayed leaves off an impression of subtleness and a longing to pass through the lines and get the cumulative images impressed upon the imagination and felt by the rhythmic vibrancy of the words.

Faint ghosts illuminated by moonlight and quivering pianos and deafened love-affairs through darkened waters and unfamiliar portrayals of time and life combined with the wonderous melodious verges reaching forth through every line and dissipating in beautiful images and notions felt close to the reader’s heart and mind, are only an aspect of all that this collection provides.
The poetry within outlines modes and notions of writing which are full and saturated with the poignancy of rhythm and the melancholy of memory. The happenings within are so multicolor and differing, they cover a large portion of life and art. From celebrating Christmas time, up till the shadowy laughter of dead loves and lovers, down to much more earthbound and practical experiences, the fainter sound of youth will sound where it should and the fainter sound of pragmatical avidness will sound too and each aspect of life will have its own rhythm and will fade off in fainter, colorful memories.

In the end, after having passed through the saturated pages and uncovered much glory and passed through the many epicurean, subtle and attention-grabbing happenings, after having let the soft music permeate the foreground of one’s mind and perceptions and distill those fainter silhouettes and mumbling words, there would appear an appreciation for each venture told like a story and expressed in a most conclusive and arresting cadence, meant for breathless words to cover unimagined spaces and for different poetic worlds to emerge in the reader’s consciousness. Then, one would only feel the urge to begin from page one and witness those glories anew.
© Victor Grant.
All Rights Reserved.
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